Client Testimonies

ThinkIvy Client Testimonies

ThinkIvy has done an exceptional job placing its clients into the top universities in the school. The client testimonies below reflect two of our most successful applicants during the Class of 2019 application cycle, and they join a long line of clients at institutions such as Stanford, Yale, Princeton, University of Pennslyvania, Duke, Dartmouth, Brown, and other top universities in the nation.

Susan L. - Princeton University Class of 2019

As an international student who intended to apply for financial aid, I knew I had to either be wildly outstanding, or get into a school that included international students in their need-blind policy - namely Harvard, Princeton, or Yale. I had a pretty solid foundation in grades and standardized testing, but ThinkIvy was what really helped me present myself as the best applicant I could be.

I had heard of the program from a friend who had been through the process himself, and was now working for the company. This established a degree of comfort unattainable from more traditional college admission companies. From the beginning, I felt that my counselor really understood what it meant to be a high school student. The availability of face-to-face meetings and text messages exchanged even at 2 am showed me the dedication the ThinkIvy counselors have for their clients.

Through ThinkIvy, I was introduced to many summer opportunities I was not aware of, learned how to strategize my balance between extracurriculars and academics, and learned to take advantage of insider information about many top schools. From building my resumé, to writing my applications, to preparing for interviews, ThinkIvy has guided me through every step of the college application process. By providing the client with strategies and valuable knowledge regarding SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and AP tests, he/she is able to score very highly (800’s and 5’s preferably) through the tutoring we provide and the strategies we impart. Colleges look at an applicant’s test taking strength, and we coach our students thoroughly to make sure they master the material and ultimately score in the top percentile of test takers

Linda L. - Princeton University Class of 2019

From the beginning, my counselor was someone that I felt comfortable trusting because he had gone through the admission process recently himself and seemed genuine about wanting to help others through that process. He was honest and straightforward about what I needed to work on, but never failed to also follow up with an action plan to improve my weaknesses. Whenever I needed help or had questions about something, he was a reliable source of guidance through emails, face to face meetings, and phone calls.

From providing valuable information about extracurricular opportunities to preventing me from making cliche mistakes on my application, my ThinkIvy counselor helped me present myself in the best way possible in front of colleges. Because of my counselor's thorough guidance through every aspect of the process, I was able to earn admission to my dream school.

Previous Clients

ThinkIvy has worked with over 80 clients during the last 4 application cycles, and as a result our company has an excellent track record; our clients have been accepted to these institutions (and many more, plus several competitive internships / scholarships):