Consulting Overview

Fundamentals of ThinkIvy

Compared to the standard college consulting company, our services do not stop at essay editing and application "review" - we add substance and depth to one’s resume and persona to create a well-packaged applicant. They dedicate less time per student, charge higher rates, and lose little if you are not admitted to your top choices.


Prices that are roughly a third (1/3) of the market price.


The most holistic services for the college application process.


The guaranteed package minimizes the financial risk, which entails a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

ThinkIvy's Unique Approach

Client-Oriented Services

Our plan for each client is much more different. Not only is it more comprehensive and focused, and we have a personal interest in your success and will stand by our product. Our work is divided into two stages: the pre-application stage, where we work with clients on the academic, extracurricular, and persona departments to give them a commanding edge over the typical applicant; and the application stage: where we assist the client in completing all personal statements and packaging their application in the most attractive manner to Ivy League admission committees, thus ensuring admission.

Becoming a "Holistic" Applicant

One core principle is that in order to be admitted, it is imperative to stand out as the “Holistic Applicant”. This means that not only is it necessary to be academically gifted, possessing an impressive list of extracurriculars under one’s belt and having extremely strong essays and recommendations is as important. Once an applicant reaches a certain level, a GPA that is higher by a few decimal places or 20 more points on the SAT becomes insignificant, and the admission committees focus instead on the subjective aspects of your application and what you've accomplished in high school outside of the classroom.

General Features of consulting package

Every student is different, and we take this into consideration. As a result, we create an individualized plan for each client based on his/her strengths and weaknesses and academic interests. Listed below are services we provide (but not limited to) for our clients:


Course Planning

We determine the ideal course load that is both rigorous and manageable to sustain a high GPA, and provide advice on which honors and AP’s classes to take and avoid. Furthermore, we offer to review the client’s transcript and grades every semester, and monitor our clients on a monthly basis. If a certain subject is providing difficulty, we refer the client to high quality supplemental tutoring that is provided at a discount and ensures her grades are on track.

Standardized Testing

By providing the client with strategies and valuable knowledge regarding SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and AP tests, he/she is able to score very highly (800’s and 5’s preferably) through the tutoring we provide and the strategies we impart. Colleges look at an applicant’s test taking strength, and we coach our students thoroughly to make sure they master the material and ultimately score in the top percentile of test takers


Resume Building Activities

We focus on creating an extracurricular list that is both integral to the client’s interests and professional goals as well as rewarding in terms of recognition and leadership. The ultimate goal is to create both “breadth and depth” for the applicant so college admission committees are attracted to how multi-dimensional and accomplished the client is. Not only does this encompass in-school activities and clubs, out of school activities will also be included

Internships, Competitions, Scholarships, and Programs

With our connections and extensive networking, earning research opportunities at Princeton and Columbia become possible, being a semi-finalist for very selective programs such as Siemens/Intels, Coca-Cola, Buick becomes reachable, and the door to a host of other prestigious opportunities is opened. We direct you to the most widely recognized programs that suit your professional target (pre-law, business, or medicine) and create a list of opportunities that will distinguish your application profoundly.

Persona & Interpersonal

Creation & Refinement of a Themed Personality

Admission committees take advantage of personal statements and recommendations to see past the grades, test scores, and extracurricular activities. From your writing and basically your entire application, they can discern a certain personality and the qualities it exudes. Our goal is to make sure the strongest traits are present (strong leader, very academically accomplished, well-balanced, self-motivated, etc.), and with the right wording, organization, and packaging, Think Ivy can present your application in the strongest manner possible.

Essay Reviewing & Editing, Recommendations, Interviews, and Personal Statements

That being said, the actual documents sent in are the essays (from the CommonApp and supplements), recommendations, interviews, and any other types of personal statements. We thoroughly review your writing and provide you the tips and guidance needed to craft an exemplary personal statement. Furthermore, we offer mock interviews so you can prepare your responses to common questions as well as develop the quick thinking and articulation needed to impress your interview, and ultimately the college you have your eyes set on.

Think Ivy's Overall Goal

  • Academic advising for GPA and standardized testing
  • Supplemental tutoring to maintain grades and perform well on SAT/SAT II/AP Tests

  • Extracurricular advising (activites in and out of school)
  • Resume building activities, referral to prestigious internships, programs, scholarships & assistance in securing these opportunities

  • Development of persona & incorporation into essay writing, recommendations, and interviews
  • Crafting personal statements that are unique, memorable, and reinforce your

  • Creation of a resume that is both impressive and varied to show "breadth and depth" with an emphasis to achieve at the highest level possible
  • Packaging the application in the best manner possible to secure admission to the top schools
  • Guaranteed package: creation of a guarantee list; in general creating a list of target schools
  • Overall guidance on application strategy and assistance with supplemental documents (cover letters, etc.)
As you can see, our goal at Think Ivy is to increase our client's chances in everyway possible by focusing on all aspects of the application process and starting early enough such that each client has an impressive resume by the time they look at colleges. If you feel that we are missing a valuable service, please let us know and we will do our best to provide it.