ThinkIvy Packages

Think Ivy Consulting Packages

We generally follow 4 package models for our clients, and have flexible prices based on the client's grades, academic and extracurricular accomplishments, financial situation, and other factors. We assure you that our rates are reasonable and our services follow the guidelines found on our consulting page. If you have any questions, contact our team and discuss any concerns!

Specialty Package

  • Includes only the services required by client
  • Reasonable hourly rates
  • Options include any service we normally provide
  • Designed for those looking for specialized consulting
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Unguaranteed Package

  • Lacks Contractural Agreement
  • Reasonably Priced & Offers Most of the Benefits of Guaranteed Package
  • Meetings with Less Frequency
  • Same Commitment & Dedication to Our Client's Success
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Guaranteed Package

  • Creation of Guaranteed List & Contractural Agreement
  • Full Refund if client not admitted
  • Unlimited contact & Face-to-face Meetings
  • Most intensive and rewarding Consulting Package
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Complete Essay Revisions

  • Affordable rates for single essay & multiple essay requests
  • Complete revisions on grammar, themes/motifs, all essential aspects
  • Able to satisfy time-sensitive deadlines (even under 24 hrs)
  • Intimiate 1-on-1 mentorship from extremely skillful and qualified students
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