Frequently Asked Questions

ThinkIvy works holistically to create the best chance at a top college for our clients through the academic, extracurricular and interpersonal branches of the application. Starting with resumé building, ThinkIvy counselors carefully construct a character that is intelligent, interesting, and inspirational. While we cannot help with the bulk of the acadmic work, we help develop rigorous but manageable class schedules, and strategize how to maximize the potential of our clients.

We advise on which extracurricular activities to get involved in, and how to get ahead on them. Many students are merely unaware of many opportunities that we have uncovered over our years of experience, or lack the confidence to pursue them. Finally, with the application itself, we work intensively with the client to ensure that all essays are well written and do justice to the dynamic student we are working with.

Even as a rising senior, the most important part of college applications is still to come: the application itself. The ThinkIvy counselors help clients not only think of ideas for essay topics and edit, but also help to develop a holistically believable and presentable character for Admissions Committees to see. The counselors work closely with clients to make sure that both their Common Application and Supplemental Materials convey an articulate, personal and realistic narrative well before the hard deadlines.

Beyond that, the counselors help with strategy for applying to schools, whether through guiding the essay along a certain path, or maximizing early decision/action chances. After college application season is over, the ThinkIvy team will also help clients apply to scholarship opportunities or summer internship.

All of the ThinkIvy counselors have recently been through the college application process, and most are still in college. This means that our team has the most up to date information and closest understanding with clients, compared to traditional college counseling companies. We like our clients to know that we were in their shoes once so they can see how possible it is for them to be admitted into a top school.

We find that our clients generally feel more comfortable reaching out to us, and thus have a closer connection with our counselors. Even if it’s 2am, or our clients give us little notice on when they want to meet, we try our very best to accommodate their needs, as their success is our goal.

Our consultants will be as involved as necessary during the application process. That being said, our counselors work closely with clients to think of unique, captivating ideas and turn them into poignantly stated essays. Whether through editing, prompting, brainstorming or just talking it through, we make sure our clients have the best possible essays for their applications.

Of course we could, and our counselors give quite realistic estimations, our job is to increase those chances. We tell clients very frankly what they should be aiming for, or if they are either overestimating or underestimating their abilities, but we focus on honing those abilities so that the client’s chances increase.

That’s great! You can use the Contact Us form or email our team (mitch_ng@thinkivysuccess.com) to set up a free consultation personalized to your situation, and questions.

There is never too early a time to start thinking about preparing yourself for applications. Clients who start with us immediately after beginning high school reap the most of our benefits. This way, it will never be “too late” to take advantage of an opportunity. College applications take into consideration the first 3.5 years of high school, so it is very important to make the best of each moment.

ThinkIvy helps underclassman choose classes, get involved and eventually leadership in extracurriculars, and introduces clients to summer programs. From then until the application itself, ThinkIvy works with the client to establish a well rounded, impressive resumé that is an ideal supplement to high grades.

The statistics are meant to scare you. But a falling acceptance rate doesn’t necessarily mean less people are accepted, just that more apply. ThinkIvy is built on the foundation that despite these odds, we have succeeded and we are here to help you do so as well.

You don’t need to be top ranked internationally in everything, but we help you develop yourself so that you are highly ranked or skilled in something. The Ivy League is not for everyone, for a variety of reasons, and we strive to give you the best chance at any college you are looking to gain admittance to.

That is a personal question that you must consider based on your own situation, but gaining admittance to a top college often means more than just top-notch education. Many of the top schools in America have very large endowment funds and provide outstanding financial aid to students who work with us.

For example, many of the students attending Princeton University are paying less per year than they would have to pay for our instate tuition at Rutgers University. So, the investment here could save clients five, even ten-fold in the future. Additionally, the networking that begins in college will set students on the right track for their careers.

ThinkIvy is not mainly marketed as a tutoring service. If clients have a few pointed questions, our counselors are more than happy to help. However, if the client needs long-term help or one on one sessions, we recommend a tutoring service. ThinkIvy is more focused on holistic solutions, like managing time, studying strategies and test taking tips.

Yes; through the agreement of both the client and the counselor, the college list may be changed, lengthened, or shortened. Our counselors will always communicate with you if we recommend a change, and will keep the file so that the agreed list is always accessible.