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Simply put, no other college consulting firm provides the same quality of services at the prices we charge. We are a student-run business, and our team consists of several of the best Princeton and Duke undergraduates that have immense knowledge about the college application process.

All consultants have been admitted into multiple Ivy League and other top colleges, excelled in their schoolwork, and have been widely recognized for their extracurricular accomplishments in the classroom, laboratory, and conference room.

With their valuable experience and incredible knowledge, our company is able to provide the most rigorous and thorough college consulting. Services are not limited to simply “essay reading” and a short assessment of a client’s chances, but a long term plan which incorporates resume building and overall enhancement of a client’s application.

Recent Clients Have been Accepted To...

Stanford University

Stanford is the most selective college for the Class of 2019, admitting just 5% of the 42,487 applicants (2,144 offers). We pride ourself on our ability to successfuly work with some of the most ambitious and talented high schoolers in the nation.

Yale University

Yale is one of the nation's oldest and most prestigious colleges, and we have successfully obtained admission to this outstanding institution and its peer, Harvard University, for our past clients.

Princeton University

Princeton serves as ThinkIvy's de facto center of operations. Due to our team's deep connections to Princeton University, we have established a reliable pipeline of admissions for our clients, obtaining admission for several clients each application season.

Rest of Ivy League & Top US Colleges

Our past clients have gone to top 10 institutions and other excellent colleges in the US such as University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Duke, John Hopkins. Furthermore, we've placed clients into 7 year medical/dental programs, showing our company's ability to work with a variety of interests.

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Qualified Consultants

The Think Ivy team comprises of many qualified students who have had tremendous success academically and professionally in their respective careers, as shown by their acceptances to multiple Ivy League schools and top colleges in the nation. They have the most relevant and complete knowledge of the college application process, and are able to assist in every facet of the application process (from interviews to essays) and can use their personal experiences and talents to help their clients succeed.

Holistic Services

Our company focuses on creating an outstanding resume for our clients instead of patching up an application and simply proofreading essays and doing poor interview preparation. To do so, we form a strategic plan of action from the very beginning to determine which activities, classes, extracurriculars, and competitive programs give our clients an edge against their competition and ultimately leads to acceptances from top schools.

Competitive Rates

The average price for one year of college consulting can range from $8,000 to $40,000, but our most comprehensive and long-term packages are only a fraction of the price. In addition, the guaranteed package ensures that the client receives their money's worth by refunding the total cost of the program if they are not admitted to a top college of their choice.